Primed for Premiere!

I’m so excited to announce my new partnership with Ally Copeland of Premiere Talent! After all the hard work I’ve been doing, I’m ready for a new working relationship to help keep me moving in the right direction–and that’s up, baby! Moving on up! A big thank you to Ally for being willing to take me on, and a huge thank you to Alison Wandzura of Soulfire Studios (she took my smoking-hot headshots) for introducing us.

I am learning that it really does take a community to survive and thrive in the arts. I’m grateful for all the help I’m being given, and for all the advice and opportunities that are coming my way. I shall do my best (here’s the part where I put my hand on my heart) to always give the most creative and interesting work I can, and to do it with gratitude.

Getting my make-up done for my role in “Something’s Wrong”.

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