Paula Spurr



If you have Crave TV, check out Paula’s performance as a surprisingly sexy receptionist in a scene with Richard Dreyfuss in episode 5 of “Hit The Road”.

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Paula Spurr’s award-winning performance as a lonely real estate agent in Michael Vidler’s “Mine” is now available to a much wider audience, both on DirecTV and Amazon Prime. This chilling thriller has also been picked up for distribution in theatres by Hewes Pictures.

“The performances are outstanding, particularly from the main antagonist who manages to come off as both deranged and sympathetic. She can easily pass for a mess and later as a charming and well-adjusted individual, yet we can still envision the madness within the cracks.”  -Enrico Wood, Oaxaca Film Fest’s Curator

Interesting audience feedback after watching “Mine” at the  WILDsound Writing and Film Festival.